The Ships Have Arrived!

Welcome friend, to the Treasure Merchants Gift Shoppe & Bazaar,
and well met!

Enter The Treasure Merchants Gift Shoppe and Bazaar!  

At this writing, we are unloading our cargo from the long awaited
merchant ship at port, laden with a bounteous array of exotic gifts
and delights from across the Seven Seas!

The Merchant has brought with him:

Imported rare, and coveted fragrances from England and Portugal..

Jewels and silver from the Surin Mountains..

Handwoven baskets from the far off reaches of Africa, and Peru..

Beaded silken fabrics from India, and Morocco..

Fair Trade Coffees, Teas, and delight the senses..

And such fair and unusual treasures as your eyes have never beheld!

The treasure ships are arriving often,
if you do not see your treasure
on this ship, come again, for yours will be landing soon!

The Treasure Merchants        
copyright 2008 the treasure merchants all rights reserved.
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